Smart Technologies Towards Sustainable Cities Conference

ameliahallas Written by Amelia Hallas-Potts
Published on 10 March 2017
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Smart cities are an expanding concept that aims to use informatics and integration of various energy vectors in order to improve the efficiency of city services, while actively acknowledging resident needs. Innovations in digital technologies and processing power have changed the way energy sources interact with our cities’ infrastructure and its global marketplace is estimated to grow to £408bn by 2020.

The UK has particular strengths in design, research, finance, and engineering services, which could account for up 25% of the total smart cities market. However existing policies and strategies are not set up for an efficient implementation of such rapid innovations therefore we call for a conversation between various stakeholders.

During this interactive conference we hope a diverse audience of academic researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers, students, investors and policy makers will initiate thought provoking discussions to identify the current problems in creating an energy-efficient and carbon-neutral environment, the latest technological solutions and the changes that are required to allow these solutions to be implemented.

Have your voice heard on Thursday 8th June, 9am-6pm at the ECCI where the key topics of discussion will include:

  • Theory and Implementation of ICT
  • Smart Grid, Infrastructure & Energy Storage
  • Investing During Times of Political and Economic Instability

Confirmed speakers:

  • Andy Kerr (Managing Director, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation)
  • Paul Ellis (co-founder and CEO, Electron)
  • Rowena McCappin (Project Director, RealValue, Glen Dimplex)
  • Dieter Helm (Professor, Oxford University; e-seminar)
  • Mike Pitts (Head of Urban Systems, Innovate UK)
  • Ilian Iliev (Managing Director, EcoMachine Ventures)
  • Stewart Reid (Head of Asset Management and Innovation, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks)
  • Nick Lyth (Director, Green Angel Syndicate)
  • John Thompson (Professor of Communication and Signal Processing, University of Edinburgh – ADVANTAGE project)
  • Gareth Harrison (Professor of Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh – CESI project)

**Many more to be confirmed**

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