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Masterclass Dinner: How to Scale-up Your Company to the Unicorn Stage

ameliahallas Written by Amelia Hallas-Potts
Published on 10 March 2017
2 min. read

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Tonight, Dr. Gordon Sanghera, co-founder and CEO of Oxford Nanopore Technologies, will share his story on how it took their university spin-out less than ten years to become a global leader in the field of next-generation sequencing. 

In an informal setting, the audience can gain advice on how to accelerate your company to the next stage from someone who has gone through it himself. In the second half of the night, a London-based investor will reveal the secrets on how to get an investor to back you in the stages of investment after your initial years.

Only a decimal fraction of all tech start-ups ever gets valuated at $1 billion before going public and can thus be termed ‘unicorns’. At that stage, these companies are assured of the attention of prominent venture capitalists and to draw resumes from top talent across the globe. What makes these companies so unique that investors are happy to invest many millions in them?  Join us on Thursday 27th April and you will find out!

We call for a small audience of entrepreneurs, academics and investors to join us in this interactive night. Attendance will be ticketed, which will include drinks and a dinner buffet throughout the night. We will conclude the night with a networking reception. Register now via Eventbrite!

This masterclass will follow a public seminar entitled ‘Power in your pocket: entering the DNA information age‘ by Dr. Gordon Sanghera on 27th April at 4pm at the Institute for Genetics and Molecular Medicine.

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